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Traditional Archery

25th November, 2010. 9:29 pm. Archery Bowmakers Meeting Sunday(fayme)

Paleoplanet is meeting at the Pasadena Arroyo Seco on Sunday from about 9 AM to 4 PM. Guests are welcome. Bring food and drinks as there are none nearby. Dogs on leashes are allowed at the Arroyo. Turn out may be light due to the Thanksgiving holiday, which means you can get more help with your bowmaking probably.

My archery blog is at  http://paleoarts.blogspot.com/ if anyone is interested..

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30th October, 2010. 10:29 pm. Caid Queen's Champion Archery(fayme)

I just got back from Queen's Champion Archery. James Evergood (at least that's what I think his name is, as they were also calling him James Everclear and a few other things) won for Queen's Champion archer, with Rino coming in second.

A fine horse named Valor won for the equestrian event. I never got the rider's name but he was from Corona which I think is Driebergen.
And I'm trying to remember who won thrown weapons. That went on for many rounds. I believe Angus was first and James took second. (Yes the same James).

The highpoint of my day however was when I was taking the thrown weapons authorization test. I threw one axe and it stuck and she called that a pass. LOL. I wish I had done as well with knives and spears, but either way I'm officially authorized now.

Queen's Champion was held at Live Oak Park. We camped Friday night and pretty much got soaked by the rain. So the first half of today was cleaning up and drying out.

We chose not to stay another night, though some people are still out there camping. I believe Rino and Joshua stayed over. Site closes at noon tomorrow, and maybe 12 people stayed.

Turn-out was light, probably due to the far away location and the weather.

The King and Queen were there and each took a shot at doing archery.

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22nd October, 2010. 8:15 pm. Clovis Point Paleoplanet Gathering Last Sunday(fayme)

I finally had time to make a blog post about the archery gathering last Sunday. http://paleoarts.blogspot.com/2010/10/steampunk-and-archery.html
I've never found livejournal to be a good place to put photos, so I put them on my blogs instead. Also, that way people don't complain that I'm cluttering up LJ with too many big photos.

It was interesting to hold the replica of the clovis point in my hand that was found in Malibu. It was much bigger than I would have thought. I thought Dr. Stickle was going to give more of a lecture on it. I think the gathering got a bit distracted by the friendship circle and we never really got to talking much after that. We all broke into little groups to talk about individual pursuits.

I think the rain did us a favor and kept the gathering small and intimate. And two of our families just had babies so I'm sure they didn't want to bring the newborns out in bad weather.

But at the event we got very little rain. Mostly misty drizzly stuff that didn't stop us from doing our thing. I wish I'd taken photos of the clovis point replica, but because of the Native American friendship circle I didn't know if photos would be frowned upon, and once I found out they had their own photographer, it didn't seem right to leave my spot in the circle to go get my camera. All that political correctness can be tiring.

I worked with the longbow Richard Saffold made me for a little bit, until my muscles got too tired to keep up. I shot 99 arrows, not bad for me.
Can't wait for the next one.

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6th October, 2010. 8:50 am. Dyeing Bow Socks(fayme)

My boyfriend has been super busy making bow socks. First he cuts the canvas, serges all the edges, and washes it to pre-shrink it. Then he cuts it into the right sizes. Then those have to be serged. Then he dyes everything in various shades of green, camel, khaki and so on.  Then they have to be sewn up and a ribbon tie inserted. Whew. Lots of work considering he sells them for under $10 each. I love to see them blowing in the wind in his craft booth. They look like wide fringe. I hope he adds them to his blog when he is done. http://greenmanarchery.blogspot.com/ He's a fletcher so somehow he has to fit the bow sock making in between all his custom arrow orders. If anyone ever lays siege to our apartment, we have enough arrows to take down a small army.

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16th August, 2010. 9:47 am. Archery and Bowmaking(fayme)

I had a fantastic time at the bowmaking gathering in Pasadena, CA on Sunday. One of our best atlatl and spearmakers from Paleoarts came to show off all his wares. Making them is his full time job now. He does beautiful work and sells mostly at gun shows.

Tom Mills hosted an atlatl competition to add to the national scoreboard. It was too hot for me so I didn't participate this time. I took my beadwork instead and managed to make 5 pairs of right angle weave earrings.

I also took my juggling equipment so I could keep with my goal of juggling 15 minutes per day. The double spins with clubs are coming along nicely. It's amazing what a big difference regular practice makes.

Our meetings attract a lot of families with children. People love to sit down and make a bow with their kids. The kids are so proud when they hit the target. A lot of the kids do the atlatl competition as well. I'll post the photos to my Flickr account today or tomorrow.

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2nd August, 2010. 11:03 am. OC Archery Meeting Recap(fayme)

I'm pretty tired from the archery workshop yesterday at Mile Square Park. We had new people but none of my friends showed up. We brought the bow bench and one young man got to work on a long bow for his senior project.  He'd already made his own arrows. We gave him some tips on improving arrows.  He had just used a pencil sharpener and didn't actually put tips on any of the arrows. But kudos to him for getting so far on his own.  He said he learned to make a bowstring from a youtube tutorial.  Now that's what I call a self-starter.

And just when I was patting myself on the back for not breaking or losing an arrow in a very long time, I broke one. I hate those metal frames at Mile Square Park. I didn't hit the top bar, which is usually the case, but rather the right leg of the thing. But still, broken is broken.

Tom gave me a bag of leather scraps to give away so everyone who came got some leather to make a quiver strap or an arm guard or whatever. 

I saw a woodpecker too.
Some photos are on my craft blog: http://craftaday.blogspot.com/

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17th July, 2010. 9:33 pm. Bowyers Gathering Tomorrow and Again on Aug. 1, 2010(fayme)

Tomorrow is our monthly bowmaking get together in Pasadena.  I'm a little worried that it will be too hot to have a good time. But we are taking our shade canopy. There are shade trees in abundance there, but I can't assume I'll get a good spot under one of them. Bowyers are sprawlers, and by the time they lay out their blankets with wood, parts, knapping supplies, tools, ice chests, chairs, bow benches, tillering trees and other supplies, you'd be amazed how quickly the open spaces disappear.

Then on Aug. 1, 2010, I'm hosting an all new bowmaking gathering at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, CA.  I hope by then the weather isn't as gruesome.

I'm trying to start a craft group called S.C.A.M.P.S. so at the gathering I'm also welcoming knitters, crocheters, quilters, artists, and so on. If anyone thinks they want to go, let me know so I can provide more exact details.

Hopefully I'll get to bed early tonight, so we can leave very early before it gets hotter than hades out. Once the heat hits, I hope to be sitting in the shade with a cool drink in my hand, not lugging wood from the truck over the bridge to the meeting spot.

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6th September, 2009. 2:13 am. Fun With Artistic Friends(fayme)

Some of my artistic friends came by today and we worked on gourd art, and had a bit of a show and tell. Here is a long bow that Aimee painted and a gourd witch doll made of an apple that I'm working on for the Zombie Nanner Gang. We also worked on gourd drums, a water bottle, and a carved bowl. Then we went out for a great dinner at Po Folks.

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4th September, 2009. 3:11 pm. Paleoplanet Archery Gathering(fayme)

I thought I'd share some archery and atlatl photos.

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2nd August, 2009. 10:31 pm. Distance?(bozotkutya)

Hi everyone!

I know basically nothing about competitive archery, just shoot my bow in my own yard in order to have fun and also find a way to relate to our ancestors. I was wondering how far you guys shoot? I mean how far do you place the aim you are shooting at when you're practising? 
Hubby insists he wants to keep a decent distance so he gets used to pulling the bow at its best potential, but I have to admit, I sometimes go closer to get a sense of achievement by getting better scores :)
We usually shoot from about 22yards and I can get about two-thirds of my arrows within a 16inch(diameter) circle now.

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