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Dyeing Bow Socks

My boyfriend has been super busy making bow socks. First he cuts the canvas, serges all the edges, and washes it to pre-shrink it. Then he cuts it into the right sizes. Then those have to be serged. Then he dyes everything in various shades of green, camel, khaki and so on.  Then they have to be sewn up and a ribbon tie inserted. Whew. Lots of work considering he sells them for under $10 each. I love to see them blowing in the wind in his craft booth. They look like wide fringe. I hope he adds them to his blog when he is done. http://greenmanarchery.blogspot.com/ He's a fletcher so somehow he has to fit the bow sock making in between all his custom arrow orders. If anyone ever lays siege to our apartment, we have enough arrows to take down a small army.
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