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Caid Queen's Champion Archery

I just got back from Queen's Champion Archery. James Evergood (at least that's what I think his name is, as they were also calling him James Everclear and a few other things) won for Queen's Champion archer, with Rino coming in second.

A fine horse named Valor won for the equestrian event. I never got the rider's name but he was from Corona which I think is Driebergen.
And I'm trying to remember who won thrown weapons. That went on for many rounds. I believe Angus was first and James took second. (Yes the same James).

The highpoint of my day however was when I was taking the thrown weapons authorization test. I threw one axe and it stuck and she called that a pass. LOL. I wish I had done as well with knives and spears, but either way I'm officially authorized now.

Queen's Champion was held at Live Oak Park. We camped Friday night and pretty much got soaked by the rain. So the first half of today was cleaning up and drying out.

We chose not to stay another night, though some people are still out there camping. I believe Rino and Joshua stayed over. Site closes at noon tomorrow, and maybe 12 people stayed.

Turn-out was light, probably due to the far away location and the weather.

The King and Queen were there and each took a shot at doing archery.
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