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OC Archery Meeting Recap

I'm pretty tired from the archery workshop yesterday at Mile Square Park. We had new people but none of my friends showed up. We brought the bow bench and one young man got to work on a long bow for his senior project.  He'd already made his own arrows. We gave him some tips on improving arrows.  He had just used a pencil sharpener and didn't actually put tips on any of the arrows. But kudos to him for getting so far on his own.  He said he learned to make a bowstring from a youtube tutorial.  Now that's what I call a self-starter.

And just when I was patting myself on the back for not breaking or losing an arrow in a very long time, I broke one. I hate those metal frames at Mile Square Park. I didn't hit the top bar, which is usually the case, but rather the right leg of the thing. But still, broken is broken.

Tom gave me a bag of leather scraps to give away so everyone who came got some leather to make a quiver strap or an arm guard or whatever. 

I saw a woodpecker too.
Some photos are on my craft blog: http://craftaday.blogspot.com/
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