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Archery and Bowmaking

I had a fantastic time at the bowmaking gathering in Pasadena, CA on Sunday. One of our best atlatl and spearmakers from Paleoarts came to show off all his wares. Making them is his full time job now. He does beautiful work and sells mostly at gun shows.

Tom Mills hosted an atlatl competition to add to the national scoreboard. It was too hot for me so I didn't participate this time. I took my beadwork instead and managed to make 5 pairs of right angle weave earrings.

I also took my juggling equipment so I could keep with my goal of juggling 15 minutes per day. The double spins with clubs are coming along nicely. It's amazing what a big difference regular practice makes.

Our meetings attract a lot of families with children. People love to sit down and make a bow with their kids. The kids are so proud when they hit the target. A lot of the kids do the atlatl competition as well. I'll post the photos to my Flickr account today or tomorrow.
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