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Clovis Point Paleoplanet Gathering Last Sunday

I finally had time to make a blog post about the archery gathering last Sunday. http://paleoarts.blogspot.com/2010/10/steampunk-and-archery.html
I've never found livejournal to be a good place to put photos, so I put them on my blogs instead. Also, that way people don't complain that I'm cluttering up LJ with too many big photos.

It was interesting to hold the replica of the clovis point in my hand that was found in Malibu. It was much bigger than I would have thought. I thought Dr. Stickle was going to give more of a lecture on it. I think the gathering got a bit distracted by the friendship circle and we never really got to talking much after that. We all broke into little groups to talk about individual pursuits.

I think the rain did us a favor and kept the gathering small and intimate. And two of our families just had babies so I'm sure they didn't want to bring the newborns out in bad weather.

But at the event we got very little rain. Mostly misty drizzly stuff that didn't stop us from doing our thing. I wish I'd taken photos of the clovis point replica, but because of the Native American friendship circle I didn't know if photos would be frowned upon, and once I found out they had their own photographer, it didn't seem right to leave my spot in the circle to go get my camera. All that political correctness can be tiring.

I worked with the longbow Richard Saffold made me for a little bit, until my muscles got too tired to keep up. I shot 99 arrows, not bad for me.
Can't wait for the next one.
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